Replacement Keys

Replacement Keys

Need a replacement key for your car or van? Lost your keys?

Don’t panic.

We make, cut, and program keys for almost all makes of car old and new. Phone Howard our Auto locksmith direct on 07779 802 844 or contact us here


Need a new or replacement FORD key? Ford for the last 15 years have run on 2 types of key the most popular Tibby key and more recently the lazer cut key (Hu101) We cover all these keys and with Ford being the most popular car on the road we have vast experience of all the odd problems which arise from the key that will lock the car but not unlock it, buttons not working on remote, key not opening the bonnet and many more problems, we can also rebuild your worn out lock when necessary. Just phone 07779 802 844 for Auto locksmith direct with your problem.

Citroen & Peugeot

Citroen and Peugeot Car keys are a popular key for me to replace. The locks themselves are pretty good. Apart from some old ones where people think they have a lock problem but it can be just the key that needs re-cutting so please phone if this seems to be your problem and I will explain. Where as with the new flip and remote keys they often fall apart and I keep a wide range of cases to deal with this problem which works out much cheaper than a new key from main agent. Phone 07779 802 844 to speak to Howard the Auto locksmith for help and advice.


Most modern Renaults run on Key cards which tend to snap, I can replace all of these key cards with a new key card the same day where ever you happen to be (with-in 30 mile of Coventry) or you can come to me. Just phone 07779 802 844 to arrange a time.


Vauxhall keys/locks are quiet reliable ( but unfortunately that does not mean you can’t lose them) I stock 95% of the Vauxhall key range from flip remotes to just plain flat keys and I also keep the old ignition barrels in stock which is about the only common thing that goes wrong on the lock side. Phone Howard the auto locksmith for help 07779 802 844

VW, SEAT, Audi & Skoda

With the VAG range it very much depends on which year the car is, I cover about 80% of the range for spare and replacement keys. Please phone 07779 802 844 to speak to Howard the Auto locksmith.

Rover & MG

Most of the Rover range are Transponder type keys I keep all these remotes in stock and can reprogram them with out a problem either at your home or work or you can come to me. Phone Howard the Auto locksmith on 07779 802 844.